Media Links IP media gateway now supports JPEG-XS

JPEG-XS achieves high quality compression ratios of up to 10:1 and beyond. This makes it ideal for the edge of the IP network where bandwidth is typically quite limited and where the transport of uncompressed high quality video is just ...
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Ethernet to SDI 4K/HD Video Decoder
  • Decode JPEG XS video stream with AES audio, PTP packets, KLV metadata packets
  • Reconstitute SDI in 4K/30 (2 chnnls), 4K/60 (1 chnnl @12G) , 720p/1080p/60 (4 chnnls), 720p/1080p 4-lane at 240 fps
  • Less then 100 mS end-to-end latency
  • Compliant with the new SMPTE 2110...
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4K/HD SDI to Ethernet Time-Text-Metadata Encoder

  • Encode video with JPEG XS 
  • Encapsulate JPEG XS stream, AES audio packets,PTP packets, and KLV Metadata packets in the SMPTE 2110 RTP transport stream
  • Less than 100 ms end-to-end latency
  • 1-4 SDI input channels as 4K/30 (2 chnnls), 4K/60 (1 chnnl), 12G...
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  • 4K 50p/60p 4:2:2 10bits TICO-XS enc/dec
  • Over ST-2110 and ST-2022-6 networks or over 3G-SDI
  • SFP for various purpose (fiber, IP)
  • Dual Redundant Power Unit
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Teledyne Lecroy, manufacturer of Quantum Data brand video test equipment provides “end to end” testing of uncompressed digital video interfaces HDMI, DisplayPort and 12G-SDI.  Our generator/analyzer combinations provide clarity into product interoperability.  Mostly, we can prove the trans...
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  • 8K 60p 4:2:2 10bits TICO enc/dec
  • 4x 12G-SDI from/to a single 12G-SDI
  • SFP for various purpose (fiber, IP)
  • Dual Redundant Power Unit
  • Down-convert decoder 8K->4K output
  • Co developed with NHK
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Aperi’s A1105 platform is being used for weekly national live sports contribution of Tico compressed 4k content.  The content is multiple live sports leagues and signals are transported from venues to centralized production sites over a native IP Ethernet network using 10GbE connections.
  • Single ...
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The Appear X platform is a dedicated highly customizable solution for video transport in networks, enhanced IP security and advanced compression specifically designed for remote production, contribution and distribution applications.
  • TICO-XS for HD and 4K compression 
  • Multi Codec Suppor...
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(Source: IBC Daily)

Appear TV has added JPEG XS compression to its X Platform. Users of the Appear X Platform can, the company says, now take advantage of high resolution and real-time capabilities with the lowest possible latency.

Appear’s X Platform is described as codec-agnostic and is designed to ...
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R&S®PRISMON is an innovative and versatile software-based solution for monitoring and analysis of audio/video real time content. It supports the present and future plethora of standards for content transport and media formats, both in legacy and modern IP-based environments. In addition, it offe...

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