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SMGs media network upgrade with 100 GbE, ST 2110 and JPEG-XS
Strong support for existing and future video encoding standards are also assured, namely AVC, HEVC, JPEG 2000 and JPEG-XS. In particular, ultra-low latency JPEG-XS offers a zero-compromise approach to latency and quality compared to working with uncompressed video.
11.06.21 11:50 AM - Comment(s)
NBC Olympics selects Amagi to provide UHD cloud playout
Amagi Corporation’s support for #JPEGXS, SMPTE 2110, and AMWA NMOS along with a cloud-native software architecture combines to give NBC Olympics a powerful solution for UHD playout,”
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NEW【VICO-4L-XS】4K SDI to ST-2110 IP converter with JPEG XS codec
VILLAGE island releases its new VICO-4L-XS, empowered with the visual lossless JPEG XS codec and enabling conversion of 4K video signals into one ST2110-22 JPEG XS stream.
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Bridge Technologies : Latest Product Developments
Among the latest Product Developments of Bridge Technologies: JPEG XS...
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Unboxing the MPA1000 Development Kit from Macnica Technology
The MPA1000 Dev Kit is a perfect tool for 4K AV over IP system developers to evaluate the functions of MPA1000 SOM and develop software and customize the web interface for their products. See what is included in the box.
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AWS Elemental MediaConnect adds CDI and JPEG XS support
Another step on the Remote Production journey: MediaConnect now supports CDI and JPEG XS. No Compromises Contribution!
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(Source: IBC Daily)

Appear TV has added JPEG XS compression to its X Platform. Users of the Appear X Platform can, the company says, now take advantage of high resolution and real-time capabilities with the lowest possible latency.

Appear’s X Platform is described as codec-agnostic and is designed to ...
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Tencent Video Goes Live

Chinese video streaming website Tencent Video is preparing to expand beyond its original digital video business and into live production and distribution, requiring upgrades to handle new types of content creation for live and sports programming. Because mainland Chinese internet users are...

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SVG Europe Analysis: Compressed UHD goes live with TICO Alliance

The extra bandwidth required by the move to Ultra HD will probably result in extra costs and complexity. One approach to mitigate this could be using compression. However, most compression systems require additional processing power and cause delay, making them unsuitable for live production. TICO, ...

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Implementing 4K in a 3G-SDI Plant

Why this matters : Your 3G-SDI still smells too new to consider replacing it. This is a way to use 4K signals in your existing infrastructure.

ALEXANDRIA, VA.—Despite the fact that HD broadcasting is relatively recent, and most people in the U.S. bought their first HDTV only in the past seven years, ...

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